A short film that explores the traumatic aftermath of sexual assault. Alex, a 15-year-old high school freshman, seeks strength and control by joining the boy’s wrestling team.

Naomi Oliver as “Alex” in  Alone Together .

Naomi Oliver as “Alex” in Alone Together.

Help support the completion of our film: Alone Together

We have completed filming on our social-issue drama but we need financial support in order to complete post production, marketing, and distribution.


Executive Producer Opportunity: If you are interested in making an investment in this film, please contact us directly at: Executive Producers will receive a number of benefits including first look at cuts, opportunity to give feedback, EP credit on the film, and invitations to screenings and festivals.

Social Media & Sharing: There’s nothing like good old word-of-mouth sharing. Help support us by following us on Instagram (@alonetogethershort) (@iamk8ie), liking posts, commenting, and sharing content.

Other: What ways would you like to support? Maybe you would like to connect with us, maybe you would like to set up a screening with us, perhaps you have another idea all together. Hit us up!


We are accepting direct donations to support the costs associated with completing the film. Such costs include:

  • Editing: funds to pay an editor for their skills in finishing the story.

  • Sound Mixing: funds to pay a sound designer to help create, compile, and mix all of the sound for the film including any potential ADR.

  • Composing: funds to pay our composer for their skills in creating the soundtrack for the film.

  • Color Correction: funds to give the film a consistent and refined look.

  • Final Delivery: funds to finish the final mix and create final exports formatted for festival play.

  • Marketing: funds to market the final product, creation of promotional materials such as one sheets, get it seen, and accepted to festivals.

  • Festival Fees: funds to submit the film to festivals worldwide.

    All donors have the opportunity to receive film credit and other special rewards as a thank you for your support!

A few of the astroqueens from  Alone Together  !

A few of the astroqueens from Alone Together !

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